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About Myca of Pivotal Quest Consulting



     I’m Myca of Pivotal Quest Consulting. When I graduated with my Bachelors Degree I quickly realized how much I enjoyed anything related to English & Business classes. When I graduated with my Masters Degree I knew I wanted to take things to another level and embody what my graduation cap says, “Wandering Free with a Masters Degree.” I decided to turn my expertise into a business to genuinely help people win. 

Being a resume writer and career empowerment coach has afforded me the opportunity to touch the lives of hundreds of people which truly gives me fulfillment. Something as simple as a resume is often a pain point for so many people but with my expertise, I make the process understandable and instantly serve as a confidence booster!



Among my many specialties are crafting resumes on an expert level, finding incredible job opportunities, mock interviews to boost your confidence, optimizing your LinkedIn, and Life/Career coaching. With proven experience with helping tons of clients reach their next level, will you be next? 

The name of my brand is very symbolic to me, let me break it down. The term pivot means to shift into a new strategy or drastically change by focusing on a different positioning tactic. Quest means a journey or effort in pursuit of a goal or mission. Put the two together and hence the meaning and creative thought behind the brand, Pivotal Quest Consulting. Changing lives one client at a time is my desired outcome.


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